A Comprehensive Naturopathic Guide for Complete Digestive Wellness

Customers who bought the book are frequently writing to us to tell,us why the book has helped them. Dede received an email once that said the book was “a light in the darkness,” for example—and this is the reason Jessie and I wrote this book: to give people the chance to heal, to learn, to take care of themselves in today’s world. We do not fault Western medicine, or think people should turn their backs on the wonderful GI and IBD clinics that are incorporating a more integrative approach to diagnosis, treatment,many healing… We encourage our readers to combine an approach that works for them—remember, everyone is different, but the support, love, and caring is all the same.

Here are some things readers are saying:

Full of facts and remedies, March 6, 2013

One of the best books I’ve read on Crohn’s Disease and IBD. A blend of a doctor’s advice with the real life experience of one patient. Options and plans for recovery are the highlight.

Very Informative, January 22, 2013
The book was in wonderful shape and was very informative. Since I do have this disease, I needed to know what to eat and what to do.

Excellent Book, Highly Recommend, December 19, 2012
I bought this book based on people’s review of it. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand more about Chrohn’s or Colitis. It actually explains the science behind these diseases and gives you a better understanding of WHAT is going on in your body and WHY. This is stuff your doctor doesn’t necessarily take the time to explain. I found it very insightful and informative, feeling more empowered after reading this book. There is information about different forms of treatment/changes in lifestyle, but you can take that part with a grain of salt–the majority of the book is extremely helpful in getting a better understanding of what is happening inside your body with these diseases.

Crohn’s – new diagnosis (very helpful), October 8, 2012

Very useful and informative – my son was just diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I work in the health care field and appreicated the evidence based, global look at treating Crohn’s with holistic as well as medical approach.

Living with Crohn’s and Colitis, September 2, 2012
Our daughter was diagnosed with UC possibly Crohens disease at 8 years old, we found this book to be easy to read and understand. It has clear explanations and information that have been very helpful.

5.0 out of 5 stars, from Sere, September 2, 2012
I found this to be a helpful book with great insights and information. It also gave me the feeling that I am not alone with digestive problems. In the end I found out my condition is leaning more towards Celiac sprue. This book is a great added read for anyone suffering from intense digestive symptoms or disorders. The more information you have to work with, the better the chance you have to improve your quality of life.

This is a great book!, August 3, 2012
I just found out that I have MS and this book was a great tool for me. It help explain a lot about MS to me!

Practical and engaging information on Crohn’s Disease, May 13, 2011
`Living With Crohn’s & Colitis’ is a unique and useful resource for anyone looking for practical information for those looking for insight into Crohn’s disease, colitis, and other GI conditions. Dr. Black offers a clear explanation of the connection between gastrointestinal imbalance and inflammation, drawing on both conventional and naturopathic practices, and offering practical, feasible strategies for reaching health beyond merely controlling symptoms. Dede’s candor is refreshing and inspiring. Her frank offering of her own experience, from her direst hours through to her current, vibrant state, provides rare insight into the possibilities for regaining health and balance.

Excellent resource, January 21, 2011
Dr Black does a very thorough review of the science regarding Crohn’s and Colitis while allowing it to remain accessible to the non-medically trained. Dede’s perspective illustrates how it is possible to regain and maintain wellness in the midst of illness that is considered “incurable” by conventional medical standards. This book beautifully illustrates how integrating multiple holistic strategies can allow patients to minimize or even avoid the use of immunosuppressive medications. It also allows the reader to fully appreciate how Naturopathic Medicine seeks to really address the cause of illness while helping patients maintain their quality of life. A wonderful resource for patients and physicians.

Wonderfully educational, helpful, and enjoyable!, December 17, 2010
Dr. Black and Dede do a wonderful job with this book. The balance between the patient’s (Dede’s)story and Dr. Black’s great explanations and educational information was great and a unique touch to the book. It made the book very user friendly. I found Dr. Black’s explanation to be very scientific and thorough yet clearly described for patients or the general public to easily understand. The book tells of how to be in control of your own health and how to maintain a happy, healthy life with Crohns or Colitis. However, I believe the book would be invaluable to anybody experiencing chronic health problems. It also would be of great benefit to health practioners working with patients with chronic gastrointestinal problems. There is so much valuable information in this book, and so clearly explained. Truly wonderful.

A Wealth of Healthful and Helpful Information, November 29, 2010
This book is an excellent read for both the lay person, and practitioner. The personal testimony of Ms. Cummings complements Dr. Black’s approach to healing perfectly; we come to understand the experience of having IBD, and what it is like to both treat IBD and encourage a true healing process. I also liked the abundance of healthy recipes at the end of the book. Thanks to Dede for sharing her journey and to Dr. Black for enumerating her approach to healing so clearly. A gem of a book.

Informative, Personal Guide for those with Crohn’s and Colitits, November 17, 2010
Dr. Black and Dede Cummings’ book offers a unique, balanced perspective for those living with Crohn’s disease and/or colitis. Dr. Black succinctly and clearly teaches what is going on in the body on a cellular level that contributes to the development and persistance of Crohns disease. She explains what people can do to take care of their own digestive health by decreasing inflammation and restoring balance to their gastrointestinal systems. Dede Cummings, having lived with Crohn’s disease for many years, shares her personal journey through her conventional and naturopathic medical treatment, and mental/emotional stress management. Dede demonstrates how empowered a person can become when they learn what they can do to be in the driver’s seat of their healthcare. Her contribution in this book leaves Crohn’s and colitis suffers inspired to take control of their own health. I recommend this book highly!

Holistic Approach to Gastro-Intestinal Health, November 16, 2010

I was so happy to read Dr Black’s and Dede Cumming’s “Living With Crohn’s and Colitis”. Finally there is a personal guide which offers holistic healing for the digestive system. This book fills a niche in Naturopathic and Conventional medicine. It is user-friendly and enjoyable to read. Personal, educational and resourceful. I recommend it to patients with any stubborn digestive disorders, not just my IBD patients.

Refreshing Read!, October 27, 2010
`Living With Crohn’s & Colitis’ is a perfect companion for anyone with GI concerns, along with an interest in holistic and naturopathic approaches to autoimmune issues and the human body. This intelligent, well-rounded, groundbreaking, thoughtful and unique account on holistic healing addresses both western treatments as well as a wide array of naturopathic healing techniques. Dr Black and Dede Cummings address many various avenues of treatment approaches to inform and educate the reader while expanding to complete lifestyle approaches and understanding of how to encourage our bodies towards overall healing and enhance our body’s own ability to correct and heal itself. `Living With Crohn’s & Colitis’ gives two well-informed voices of experience, encouragement and self-empowering knowledge that leaves one feeling more in-control of our personal approach to health and treatment.

A Comprehensive Guide, September 2, 2010

This book guides us through the disease process in easy to understand terms. The step-by-step treatment suggestions make it an invaluable tool for anyone suffering from this condition. Dede’s story makes the disease and healing process personal. Through Dede’s story we are able to identify with the challenges of living with a condition that demands change, and the success experienced through participation and perseverance in ones’ own healing process. I highly recommend this book, not only to learn more about the disease process but, more importantly, as a tool in ones’ own healing journey.

Invaluable Resource, August 18, 2010
Dr. Black and Dede Cummings guide readers through a comprehensive review of the current understanding of the factors contributing to Inflammatory Bowel Disease. From this deeper understanding, the logic of a holistic approach to Crohn’s and colitis becomes clear. Dr. Black has provided information on an incredible number of healing modalities which can allow the patient to address the causes of these diseases, as well as build true wellness beyond the control of symptoms. Dede Cummings’ personal experience provides readers with tangible examples of how these modalities can be applied in real life. This excellent book offers help to anyone dealing with inflammatory conditions and gastrointestinal disorders. Within Dr. Black’s explanations of the evolving inflammatory and auto-immune reactions, readers will also learn a great deal about the prevention of these conditions via health and lifestyle choices. I have already recommended this book to one friend and one patient affected by Crohn’s disease. The information is very accessible and extremely timely.

Important Resource for Patients and Physicians, August 18, 2010

This book is a wealth of information for both patients who suffer from Crohn’s and colitis and their doctors as well. Dr. Black does a clear job of explaining both underlying imbalances and how to work with these as a clinician. Dede’s story is so helpful in illustrating how a person finds a path back from chronic illness among the overwhelming options available to them and adds a very personal voice to the book. I liked the emphasis on stress and emotional connections and find that working with these in my own practice is extremely important in chronic disease. Dr. Black does a wonderful job of explaining why this element is so important for Crohn’s and colitis patients.

An exceptional book for those suffering from GI disorders of all kinds, August 17, 2010
As the mother of a child who has severe GI problems, I find hope in the grace at which Dede Cummings has arrived, despite her incurable disease. As a mother and a midwife, I find encouragement in the understanding that Dr Black has gifted me through the wisdom imparted on the pages of this book. I think that everyone affected by GI disorders or food allergies, not just those suffering from Crohn’s or Colitis, should read this insightful book. An excellent balance of education and inspiration, you will benefit greatly from this work of art. Many thanks to the authors for their dedication to help advance our understanding of this subject.

A Useful Resource For Both Doctors and Patients, August 17, 2010
This book is not only a useful guide for patients with Crohn’s and other digestive complaints, but for anyone who’s looking for a comprehensive understanding of what naturopathic medicine is truly about. Dr. Black outlines in detail how all the aspects of naturopathic medicine can come together to create lasting results for patients who are afflicted with chronic disease. Her passion for medicine and patient care make for an inspiring read, both for doctors and their patients alike. Patient input from Ms. Cummings further illustrates how naturopathic treatment can be beneficial for patients who are considered to be “incurable” by their conventional doctors, and that a life-dependency on medications with undesirable side-effects is not the only treatment option available. Thanks to these authors for providing an invaluable resource that will empower people to be in control of their health, rather than feeling like they’re forever at the mercy of a chronic disease.

THANK YOU ALL, we are very fateful to our friends & fans around the world who have been helped by our book!


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