Run­ning my first half marathon, in 2010, for the Crohn’s & Col­i­tis Foun­da­tion of Amer­ica was one of the most awe­some things I have ever done. I was very proud of myself, but I real­ized I was mostly proud of my fel­low run­ners, my men­tor and my coaches—an inspir­ing group! I felt secure and happy sur­rounded by fel­low Crohn­nies and uc-ers! We laughed a lot, and encour­aged each other dur­ing the race (some were walk­ers, too). I remem­ber at mile 11, one of my coaches, Kate Devlin, urged me on, and I thought I would totally give up at that point, but I wanted to RUN. The whole thing!

Race_DayThe fun­ni­est part of my first Half Marathon . . . I became friends with my CCFA-fellow team mem­bers in my hotel, and we nick­named our­selves the “Wardrobe Mal­func­tion Team,” because I only brought my daughter’s run­ning shorts that were tiny and I could barely get them on, and my roommate, Kelly Jackson—a fel­low Crohnnie–and I were in hys­ter­ics in the morn­ing at 5:30 a.m. when we had to get ready for the race, as I was yank­ing Emma’s shorts on to try to get them over my hips! Well, I got the too-tight shorts on, and got ready to run.

I did it (in some­thing like 2–1/2 hours, but who cares—I fin­ished and I did run the entire way). I met tons of peo­ple (there were over 5,000 run­ners!) who had seri­ous cases of Crohn’s and UC. I will never for­get how close we became and how they inspired me. I am think­ing of doing it again…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!

NAPA to SONOMA, July 21st, 2013