Here in Vermont where I live and write, the majority of folks drive, and our rural mountainous terrain makes it pretty hard to commute by bike. I do the ten-mile round trip ride at least five days a week. Truth be told, my initial motivation for this daily commute was post-surgical bowel resection, at the recommendation of my surgical team and physical therapist. Six years later (still in remission!), I love my bicycle ride to the office: git ets my mind focused, I save money and feel like I am doing my part to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Obviously, much more needs to be done, and on a grander scale that reaches the corporate purse strings, and the politicians they fund.

The photo of the Sriram Dayan and family was taken by me at the RADIOHEAD show in Montreal this past Friday night! Not only are they huge fans of Thom Yorke, a longtime advocate of climate action, and the band and crew, they came to our 350 booth and signed up for the 350 movement and their eighth grade son sign up for the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition.

Our group, 350vt, is part of a bike challenge, but it still isn’t widespread enough to start making a difference. Here’s an idea of a possible challenge/solution: our bottle bill, here in Vermont, is incredibly successful, and the state is in the forefront of mandatory recycling and composting, thanks to our fearless governor, Shumlin, and our staunch group of grassroots community activists. As Bill McKibben, founder and even more fearless leader, writes, “Something drastic has to be done.”

My solution is this: How about bicycle rewards globally, now! Take, for example, what they are doing in London, and let’s do it!

NRDC’s Green Guide, Mothers & Others founder, Wendy Gordon’s excellent article (London Rewards Walking, Biking: New apps and upgraded paths allow visitors to visit London the Green way) is a god starting point, and perhaps we can publicize the global work 350 is doing at the Olympics!

Please join me in today’s twitterstorm! The world’s leaders are gathered in Rio for the “Earth Summit”, and we need to tell them to end fossil fuel subsidies. It’s going to be a Twitter Storm, and we need all the help we can get.

Join in here:

So here’s the plan: we’re going to kick up a Twitter Storm. We need you to help create this storm by sending a message with the hashtag #EndFossilFuelSubsidies. We’ll be beaming your messages on famous landmarks in cities around the world, and a young team of climate activists will be on the ground in Rio to make sure world leaders hear us loud and clear.

Let’s do this! So, now I am getting ready to ride my bike to work 😉 and realizing the health benefits, and the economic ones at the same time, not to mention the added benefit of clearing my head!



Me, proudly wearing my 350 Vermont t-shirt with quotes supporting our work from Thom Yorke, at the Radiohead Montreal concert.