“The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.” –William Butler Yeats

Spring is here, and I have a cold. My winter regimen of Vitamin C with Echinacea, liquid drops (2) of best quality Vitamin D, and 2 Chinese herbal capsules when I felt the first sign of a sore throat worked all winter long, until …. today.

I am going to post daily tips on my Twitter feed to try and help people get back to health, and feel better after the winter months. In Vermont, we hardly had any snow at all, but disease-carrying pests, like Lyme ticks, have wintered over and are out in the woods in full force.

TIP #1: Follow a routine. Get out and walk 45 minutes per day.That is the first big tip from someone who is battling Crohn’s and wants to give good advice (why I wrote my books was that the books I found were either too far out and crunchy, or too technical and only relying on drugs). So, with the CCFA being the best overall support, it is up to us patients to take the lead and get out and walk every day (Yeah, we’ve all hear the “Get Your Guts in Gear? slogan for the annual Walks for the CCFA..>Vermont’s is September 29th and I am gonna be there!

WALK, and tell me what you think and if it helps: Rain or shine, 45 minutes, but try to get your heart rate up when you walk—go up a few hills if you have hills in your area (remember, I live in Vermont here!), or walk faster. That is a lot of walking, so I am listening to classic books on my free audio app and it helps me get smarter (well, maybe!), when I walk.

Happy Spring!