I had this for years, and had to have shots; last blood work was 100% normal in October! yeah! THis is an interesting link about B-12 and the terminal ileum absoption problem with Crohn’s.

Also, this is a great piece from Andrew Weil, M.D.


I remember feeling so tired and  run down when my Vitamin B-12 was diminished. It was dangerously low, which makes sense since my terminal ileum was completely scared and basically not doing the proper absorption. It took almost a year to build up the vitamin back in my system. I had to have shots in the arm every Friday afternoon at the hospital. I used to ride my bike over there and line up with all the other “shot people” and it made me feel weird (what else is new with having IBD?). But, gradually, it started to work, and my energy returned–slowly but surely.

I think it is so important to have blood work and stool samples when you have IBD–that can tell your medical and naturopathic team so much about the state of your body. it is important to stay on top of all of this, because in my case the vitamin got very low. I also had anemia.

I think my GI doctor was really surprised to see that my blood work was perfect–especially since I no longer even have a terminal ileum (from my resection in 2006 when it was removed)! He was really happy about that and says it is because of my diet and taking such good care of myself. Yeah! Good news. I remain in remission, but I follow the SCD diet, which really helps (I am on a more modified version now–having introduced rice into my diet, and I can tolerate dairy pretty well).

I am excited to be working on a new book, Cooking Well for IBS—Over 100 Easy Recipes for Irritable Bowel Syndrome Plus Other Digestive Diseases Including Crohn’s, Celiac, and Colitis